New Product: Mexene Texas Rubs!

Help us welcome the new Mexene Texas Rub to our flavor family!

For over 100 years, Mexene has helped cooks around the world perfect their Texas chili. In keeping with our heritage, we’re introducing a new soon-to-be classic: Texas dry rub.

“We’ve set a high bar with Mexene Chili Powder, and we’re proud to introduce something that we think lives up to the quality our loyal fans expect from the Mexene brand.” said Yvonne Conroy, Teasdale Latin Foods VP of Marketing.

The new Texas Rub is currently available in Green Chile blend, which Conroy describes as “savory, yet spicy” and it’s meant to complement all meats—chicken, beef, pork and even vegetables. There’s also a Signature blend, which is made with everyone’s favorite—Mexene Chili Powder—and pairs perfectly with ribs and brisket.