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  • Very few flavor combos capture the essence of the season like cucumbers and limes. So we blended these ingredients with tomatoes, onions and peppers to create a crisp, refreshing, delectable salsa that goes down smooth.

  • Down in Texas, we have a weak spot for Margaritas. That signature blend of Tequila, lime and a dash of salt has always been one of our absolute favorites, so we SALSAFIED it with tomatoes, onions and spices for a delicious kick of totally unique flavor. (non alcoholic)

  • Our ode to savory spice packs quite a kick! Featuring rich pumpkin, fresh jalapenos, onions and tomatoes, this salsa delivers sweetness, spice, and everything nice.

  • Looking for a soothing lavender experience? Then buy some potpourri. We took lavender to the EXTREME, blending it with juicy Texas peaches, for a subtle, FLORAL-YET-FRUITY flavor that's equal parts CLASS AND SASS.

  • They may be blushing, but these violets have a WILD SIDE. By blending Juicy Texas pears with fragrant wild violets and other salsa favorites, we've created a flavor so OUTRAGEOUS it'll make you blush too.

  • Strap in and hold on; Buckin’ Bourbon Chipotle is one WILD flavor ride!  A raucous blend of smoky chipotles fresh vegetables and BOURBON flavoring, this is one uniquely delicious salsa experience that’ll have you screaming “YEEHAW”