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  • Our most iconic flavor, Campfire Roasted is filled with tomatoes, peppers and onions, fire-roasted to add a rich, smoky flavor to the veggies’ natural crispness.

  • We blended ripe tomatoes with the bold, robust flavor of smoked jalapeños for a complex salsa that’s bursting with mouthwatering smokiness.

  • This super chunky salsa pairs the heartiness of black beans and whole-kernel corn with the bright acidity of spicy peppers and tomatoes.

  • This one packs a whole lotta heat, with fiery, full-bodied habaneros delivering major flavor. Paired with onions and tomatoes, this super spicy salsa bites back.

  • Cilantro and garlic are pantry – and recipe – mainstays in the south. These crisp, earthy ingredients are the foundation for a rich, fresh salsa.

  • Green tomatillos deliver a mild, yet distinct, flavor for those who like a little less heat. Paired with onions and spices, it’s a beautiful blend of hearty and bright.